Cortney Frasier in her SCAD studio.

Using salvaged items and materials associated with domesticity, Cortney Frasier creates work that reflects her daily experiences as a woman. She approaches the materials as one would a household – arranging, hanging, tidying, and organizing – then installs the work to converse with the viewer.

With an undergraduate degree in psychology and a master’s degree in education, Frasier is an art and educator working outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. The Pennsylvania native has lived in geographically and socially varied places – from Juneau, Alaska to Miami, Florida and Washington, D.C. Her work is greatly influenced by the suburban environments and activities within which she lands.

Recently Frasier received the Kiah Painting Scholarship for her graduate work at Savannah College of Art and Design. Past projects include explorations with yarn installation and conceptual work centering on chores and domestic identity. Her current body of work addresses the inherent futility of suburban living and its effect on relationships. Upon receiving her MFA, Frasier plans to continue to combine her passions – art education and creation. Her long term goals include museum installation projects and pursuing her PhD.